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For over 15 years, Kaplan SelfTest has partnered with premier training centers to help IT students master the technology—and pass the exam. With a complete suite of test prep products for Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, CompTIA, Lotus, Sun, IBM, (ISC)2, PMI, and CIW, we give you the breadth and depth of solutions that only an industry leader can provide.

Why Kaplan SelfTest?

From realistic practice exams to flexible online courses, our suite of test prep products offers benefits for both you and your students:

  • Increased revenue
  • Greater percentage of students pursuing IT certification
  • Improved certification pass rates
  • Increased student satisfaction - more referrals & repeat business
  • Reduced instructor coaching time
  • Decreased contention for Lab resources.

What's more, as a member of our Training Center Partnership program, you'll receive exclusive privileges that make it easy to integrate Kaplan SelfTest products into your offerings:

  • Discounts of 65-75% on Kaplan SelfTest products
  • A variety of product format options
  • Simple, online ordering
  • Promotional materials

Browse our testimonials and see why our customers—individuals and training organizations—continue to put their confidence in Kaplan SelfTest.

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