eLearning Courses

eLearning Courses

A Flexible Training Option for Your Busy Life

In today's fast paced world, the web is a practical tool for gaining the knowledge you need to not only prepare for IT certification, but also master job skills that will accelerate your career. Kaplan SelfTest Online Learning Courses (eLearning), combined with our leading practice exam software, give you an economical and effective training option that's available only from Kaplan.

Self-Paced, Efficient Learning

Kaplan SelfTest eLearning courses offer anytime, anywhere learning—ideal for your busy schedule. Each course features simple, intuitive navigation and sophisticated search capabilities, meaning you spend less time figuring out how to use your course—and more time using it to learn.

Top-Rated Instruction at a Great Pace

With no missed time at work, no travel time to schedule and no classroom costs to cover, Kaplan SelfTest eLearning offers the most "bang for your buck." Whether you have a day, an hour or just a 15-minute break, you can use that time to work your way towards your learning goals.

Designed for Maximum Results

Kaplan SelfTest Online Learning courses are created using cutting-edge Internet instructional techniques, allowing you to master content quickly and efficiently. Unlike other online courses, our training gets you actively involved in the learning process with hands-on simulations, ensuring a higher level of knowledge and retention.

Unlimited Learning for a Full Year

With online access to your course for a full year, 24 hours a day, you can review and refresh your knowledge anytime to be sure you've got it right. Combine our eLearning with Kaplan SelfTest practice exams to determine exactly what you've mastered—and how much work you need to do to reach your learning goals.